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Diet Destroyer by Samantha

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Diet Destroyer by Samantha

Welcome! I’m Samantha and I’m so excited you’re here.

I am a Certified Nutrition Coach, earning my credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. My journey with diet and fitness has been life-long. I’ve done every diet under the sun (seriously, name it, I did it). I’ve learned many fitness and nutritional lessons over the years, having maintained over a 75 pound weight loss for over a decade. I’ve bio-hacked and experimented with different weight loss and muscle building techniques over the years, and helped many friends and family along the way. After helping many people transform their bodies through nutrition, I decided to get certified, and transfer my knowledge and experience to YOU!


When it comes to your diet, whether you are gaining to add muscle, cutting to lose fat, or trying to change your body composition and not worried as much about the scale... it’s all a mental game. I am trained just as much about the mental side of trying to achieve your fitness goals as much as I am about the science. I’ve been where you are, and I care about making this as EASY a process for you as possible.

My real specialty is helping people create a lifestyle for good-- no more yo-yo dieting! I also train my clients to be able to eat intuitively at the end of their journey. They maintain their weight effortlessly for the first time in their life! I also pride myself on helping people get off of insulin (after being on it for 20+ years), blood pressure medications, joint pain medications... I've also helped regulate hormones and help people get pregnant who could not previously... all simply with nutrition! It's a blessing and I love what I do!

Diet Destroyer by Samantha
Diet Destroyer by Samantha

» to end the cycle of Yo-Yo dieting for good?
»  to stop feeling lost on your fitness and weight loss journey?
» to learn, finally, how to manipulate your body composition on demand?
» to discover my practical, science-based system of steps to ensure you MAINTAIN your results?
» to eat more calories than you ever thought you could in maintenance?
» to comprehend the science of why EVERYTHING you've been taught has been in disservice of your goals?

» to destroy the "Diet" mindset that hasn't served you?
» to create a LIFESTYLE for good, using nutritional science. No gimmicks.
» to have the direct support and compassion of a coach who has been where you are?
» to finally play the long game when it comes to your weight loss?
» to pay once, and have a Nutritionist who knows you inside and out, in your corner with LIFETIME coaching?

If this sounds like it's for you, then let's get on a call, and see if we are a good fit!

Diet Destroyer by Samantha

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Diet Destroyer by Samantha

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Diet Destroyer by Samantha