Receive 6 weeks of custom macros perfectly curated for your unique goals & body, and 2 weeks of Intuitive Eating training.



Develop confidence in your ability to achieve your goals while enjoying what you eat- All with the personalized guidance of a coach who truly cares about You, heart, mind and body. 



Experience the Intuitive Eating training typically reserved for my Diet Destroyer Program clients. Gain the actionable skills to actually Intuitively Eat within your curated lifestyle accurately

You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life, free from guessing and spinning your wheels in the mud. 
From Stephanie:

The knowledge I have gained from working with Samantha has truly changed my life.


From Cheryl:

It works. It really works. I have the confidence to make good choices... I don't feel like I'm a slave to food anymore. 


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I feel like I'm in control of my body and health. In the last 7 weeks...my emotional health is skyrocketing and my PCOS symptom are getting SO much better.



I am eating more food than ever before, and have developed a sense of well-being and happiness that I have not experienced in a very long time. 




I feel like I am in control of my metabolism, which makes me feel calmer, happier, and younger than I've felt in a long time. 



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